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My mother's copy of Counting Rhymes illustrated by Sharon Kane is on long term loan at my house. (You haven't missed it have you Mom?)

It has these adorable illustrations of toddlers and babies that I just can't get enough of. Cute kids in cute clothes? I just can't help myself.

I particularly fell in love with this outfit and had to make one for Teagan.

The skirt is basically a circle skirt but with a much larger waist circumference so it could be gathered in for extra twirly-skirt-ness.  I just added a couple of rows of brown ric rac around the edge. (If you are curious, the fabric is from JoAnn's.)

I made Teagan's sweater by cutting apart a thrifted woman's sweater, refashioning it to a child's size, adding a lace Peter pan collar, lace around the sleeve edges, and vintage buttons down the back. I love those buttons! I think they are what drew me to the illustration originally.


Shana said…
So so so cute. Both the girlie and the outfit. :) I love that you took a vintage book and pulled that cute ensemble out of it. I don't even notice things like that. :)
That book is so beautiful- and you did a great job on the outfit! Just adorable, and your little girl wears it well:)
Stopping by from OUT.
Emily said…
Adorable!!!!! :) Was it tricky to sew the ric rac in a circle?
Refugee Crafter said…
@Emily The ric rac sews great in a circle. It kind of molds itself to the shape like bias tape would.
RaeAnna Goss said…
I absolutely love this! I am such a vintage junkie and can't wait to sew clothes like this for my daughter! (6 months)
What a fabulous outfit!!! (And I LOVE the vintage golden books too---I have been collecting them for a year r so. The Poky Little Puppy was my fave as a kid...)
Erin said…
You captured the book so nicely--the sepia tone on your photos is the perfect touch. This is such a lovely outfit!
That is just precious! I absolutely love your sweet outfit.
Susan Woods said…
oh goodness, perfection!
Anonymous said…
This is gorgeous! Do you think an adult little girl could get away with wearing it? I love the simple but beautiful take on the sweater too. I've a whole bag of clothes piled up that I don't wear but want to customise. This is a fabulous idea - thanks for sharing!

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