I'm back?

I haven't been in this space for years. I think I'd like to come back. Everything has changed so much and I have no idea what I'm doing anymore, but I think I'm ready.

In the past few years, I purchased my first home, had a fourth baby (a boy named Atticus), renovated my fixer upper home, and just lived life. My oldest is now in junior high, and the baby is four! I haven't stopped sewing, just stopped posting here. I mostly post to Instagram these days.

I suppose another big change to mention is that I am no longer a "refugee" crafter. My home has a room dedicated to my creative efforts, and yet somehow I still end up with projects throughout my house. I guess old habits are hard to break.

Here's to new beginnings. Please forgive the "sawdust" as I renovate this space as well.


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