Lana Kids

I put myself out there recently and applied to be a pattern tester, and I am so glad I did! The people in the sewing community are so kind and supportive. I loved seeing everyone's take on the same pattern.

This is Coffee and Thread's new pattern the Lana Kids Top and Dress.  (If you like being matchy matchy with your little one, she has an adult version too!) 

I love that it is such a stylish basic. Those ruffled sleeves!

Those sleeves can be a little tricky, but the I found that basting along the stitch line on the front and back pieces and then clipping to the marking seemed to do the trick. I also added some grosgrain ribbon to inside of the shoulder seam to keep it from stretching. I just attached it as I serged the seam. I also lengthened the skirt a bit. Otherwise, I kept straight to the pattern. (This is a size 7, which matched Teagan's chest measurement. She usually wears between a size 7/8 and 10 in ready-to-wear. If ready-to-wear had a size 9, she would fit it. Why is there no size 9? 7/8 is usually not long enough and 10 is often too big!)

The best part is that it is such a quick sew! Or maybe the best part is all the options. Or maybe it is the wide range of sizes. (I really love that about indie patterns, that and the instant gratification of downloading.) With two girls, it really makes it such a good deal for me.

If you like good deals too, this pattern is on sale until October 9th. You could grab it this weekend and sew one up. I've already got another one cut out.

Speaking of deals, I used a striped knit from Walmart. It was like $3 a yard and the dress required just over a yard. So #winning! This fabric is polyester with a bit of spandex so the recovery and drape were perfect for this style.

I also got the beads, chain, and embroidery floss for the tassels to make this necklace at Walmart. It was a really simple make. The beads were already strung in the colors and order I liked so I just restrung the beads on a wire and added the tassels and chain.

Oh, and Teagan's boots are from Walmart too. I promise they didn't sponsor this post. It just happens to be really close to my house, and I really like a good deal.


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