Another Lana Kids

Having two girls fairly close in age to each other means that if I make one girl something I usually end up making the other a variation of the same thing. It works out well for me because I'm able to use the same pattern for both, although different sizes, and sewing two of the same thing really doesn't take me much more time than sewing just one. It ends up being pretty efficient.
For Penny I decided to do a drop waisted Lana Kids. I used about the length from the shirt version and added a short skirt to the bottom. I wanted something casual enough to wear to school and play around in, but cute enough for family pictures.
The fabric is from Walmart and has a bit of spandex in it. Again it was like $3 a yard.
Now I have two happy matchy girls.


It’s really cute! Love the last picture of the girls! ❤️❤️❤️

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