Girls in White Dresses

You may have noticed, but I haven't blogged much in the past couple of months...for a very good reason. I'm expecting! Yippee! Baby number two (nicknamed "Flicker" by baby number one) is due in September and has left me rather nauseous for the past little while so crafting and blogging and folding laundry have had to take back burner. Seriously, who wants to spend the short time when you do feel well folding laundry?! Not me. Not that folding laundry was ever on my enjoyable list. Sewing and designing, totally different story, and now that my first trimester is coming to a close and the sea of morning sickness has ebbed it can make its way back to the top of the list!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I wanted a boy. A brother for Liam, I've got all the right toys and clothes, it's easy to come up with a room design that would fit them both since they will be sharing, and I'd even thought up a great baby announcement. Perfect. But then one night I got this idea for the cutest little girl dress. This dress:

I could hardly get to sleep I was so excited about it. The idea of having a little girl became suddenly very appealing. There's just something about the elegant simplicity of a crisp white dress. Pair them with "blue satin sashes" (or in this case blue poly-cotton blend) and I'm hooked.

The next morning in my excited energy I designed the pattern, but then had to set it aside until yesterday when I finally cut out the fabric and began sewing the dress. I finished this afternoon during naptime and I am very pleased especially with the capped sleeves, and you know I can never get enough of the pintuck!

Do you want to know the best part? It cost me NOTHING. Made completely from white fabric I had lying around from an old project and blue fabric and bits of lace and even a zipper all inherited from my Grandma. Even though she's gone now, I still feel very close to her when I sew especially when I'm following her Depression motto of "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

Using only what I have on hand has become a goal of mine since my fabric stores are overflowing the two under-the-bed bins self-designated as the only fabric storage I should ever need.
Need being the operative word. I blame dollar-a-yard-won't-be-there-tomorrow-Walmart-fabric.


Lyssa Beth said…
COngratulations!!THat is so exciting. Glad you are almost over the puking stage...seriously not fun. I can't wait to find out what you'll be having.
Kacey said…
I'm SO excited for you and your family! And I am TOTALLY SMITTEN with this dress. Fab job my friend!
Lckevan said…
That dress is adorable! I love it!
Liz said…

I hope you have a little girl to put it on:).
Shana said…
Congrats! Number two...I wondered where you had gone! lol!
Hopefully your morning sickness days are over!
And that is an absolutely adorable dress! I can't believe you designed it yourself! No wait, yes I can....I'm just jealous. :D
Unknown said…
You are awesome. What a cute dress!! LOVE the bow. You are amazing!!! Seriously. Glad you're feeling better.
Love you!!!
Unknown said…
v r y cute dress.u r so amazing.

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