Bathroom Update

Although the weather keeps telling me that spring has not quite reached this valley, I feel it in my bones, and my bones are telling me to get moving. I've been listening and now after painting and bending and squatting for a few days, my bones are telling me something a little different. It sounds a little like, "Ooo, ow, yipes." Thankfully my eyes and my mind reassure me that it was all worth it because here it is...your next installment in the bathroom redo saga:


Finally, something to cross off my list! Down below you can find the inspiration for what will become new items on said list.

This is my fourth successful attempt at repainting cabinets/furniture. Here are numbers two and three.

Here are a few little tips I recommend:

First sand to smooth out the piece a little, and then apply a high adhesion primer. I used a Zinsser brand one from Lowes. I like to use a cabinet roller and a corner brush. They're just made for all those tight cabinet spaces. (I got my little cabinet roller from Lowes too. I think the brand was "Whizz." It's just little sponge roller with rounded edges so I didn't have to worry about corners or streaks.)

I recommend using a latex enamel paint on cabinets. (I believe latex enamel is different than normal latex paint but don't quote me.) I used Valspar brand (java brown) this time, but I've also used Rustoleum brand which is also lovely and wears quite well. Both came in little quart cans found next to the spray paints at Lowes. I used a normal latex paint on my kitchen cabinets, and either I needed a higher sheen (like a semi-gloss vs. the satin sheen that I used) or a latex enamel paint instead because it does not wear as well and is now in need of a touch up. This project used only one quart and also included a linen closet door not shown in the above photos.

Use painter's tape for those straight lines/edges. The blue tape is way easier to take off than normal masking tape. I actually found a little normal masking tape still attached to my light fixture from a previous owner's paint project.

So, quick helpful product recap, these are all wonderful:
High adhesion primer
Latex enamel paint
Cabinet roller
Corner brush
Painter's tape

Now on to the newest inspiration:

I love this bathroom created by Angelo Surmelis on Rate my Space on HGTV. My bathroom will be a little more understated and frankly...under budgeted. I thinking more "Design on a Penny."

I love these colors, but I don't think my little, yet still long cramped bathroom is right for the stripes however much I love them. Wouldn't I love to have that mirror too?!

Those curtains have solved my bathroom curtain dilemma. I love the black and white stripes which will tie in well with the black and white artwork I plan on hanging.

And do you not just LOVE that beaded crystal tie-back!? Unfortunately my bath with it's peeling paint and my pride will not allow me to tie back my shower curtain in such a lovely way. (Yes, you read that bathtub is painted, and I do not recommend doing the same. I think a previous owner painted over it as a cosmetic, money-saving repair for a quick sale. It's white paint is chipping more and more these days to reveal it's true GREEN nature.)

Wait! I just got a great idea. What if I had two layers to my shower curtain and tied back the top layer only? Could I do that with the bottom layer still closed or would the fabric not reach far enough? Maybe if the top layer were in two panels, I could tie back both. Sorry, that's just me thinking type.

P.S. The inspiration pictures are from Angelo Surmelis' blog. Who knew celebrities had so much time for blogging?


Shana said…
Wow. I am impressed with furniture painting one, two, and three! You amaze me every time I read your there anything you can't do? ;D
Aubrey said…
LOVE the cabinet redo. Yay!!!
Kacey said…
Oh! The cabinets look great! And I love your inspiration pictures too!

I got my fab pillows int h other day! You are the BEST! They look wonderful on my bed. I can't wait to show them off. Ijust have a few more finishing touches and my room will be set.

It has been a crazy week and weekend here with family in. I have your box ready to go. It just has to make it to the post office!! :( Bare with me! lol Oooooh. Maybe I'll get pick up service. Alright, now I'm thinking. Sorry, screaming for three days straight is getting to me. lol

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