Monday, April 4, 2011

Kasia Skirt

I do sew for myself every once in a while. When I saw this FREE pattern on Burda Style, I decided "once in a while" started now.

The fit of the pattern was spot on, and the directions were fairly easy to follow. I squeezed it out of just over a yard of stretch gray denim from "The Stash." (Something that takes up so much space in my house ought to be capitalized.)

The only change I made was to move the zipper to the back seam.  The pattern had it in the front underneath the flap.  Weird, right? Send me back to the 1800's as a man why don't cha? Other than that, I loved it. I kind of want to make another one especially because it has real pockets underneath that flap, and what girl doesn't need another skirt with pockets?


Emily said...

Gorgeous skirt! Love your description of the zipper. . . hahaha. The fit looks perfect. I also love your description of The Stash. The Stash at my house is slowly being eaten away. Hooray.

Shana said...

So cute! Couldn't agree more on the zipper - awkward. :)
My Stash fills a whole room - although it's yarn. But I think every woman should be allowed to have a Stash of something. :)

pinksuedeshoe said...

That's it. I am making this. It looks so great on you! And I am sure I can find something or other in my piles to make this out of...

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