Catching Up

I got a few shots of Teagan in her Tinker Bell Halloween February, and now I'm posting March. Right on track. Ha! Seems like I'm always playing "catch up" these days.

Having a new baby in the house gives me a free pass, right?

For this one I used Simplicity pattern 4949, but I would not recommend it unless your child is shaped like Winnie the Pooh, or you like a LOT of ease in your children's clothing.  The bodice was much too short and stout for my tastes and the neckline was much too low.  I figured that last one out too late and ended up adding a wide floral trim (made by Simplicity) for a little coverage. (A happy accident. I liked the look of the trim.)

Come to think of it, the skirt was too short too. I mean, I'm okay with a toddler's fairy skirt being on the scant side particularly when it's pretty much a tutu, but even after lengthening the bodice, I still had to add an extra, longer layer on the bottom just to cover, well, her bottom.

Teagan still gets a lot of use out of this costume even though she's starting to outgrow it. It is absolutely essential when she's pretending to be a Fairy Jedi Storm Trooper:


Emily said…
She is the cutest!!! Love how fluffy the skirt is and the trim you added and your description of the pattern. I should probably get it for my Ansley before she loses her belly. ha. The last picture is AWESOME. PS I'm glad you're back.
Alice-Anne said…
it's beautiful, Tabi. Just as is everything else you touch. BTW: I don't know if we ever said congratulations on your new baby girl, Penny.
Peter said…
this tutu dress
is adorable, I love this color! so beautiful!

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