June Bug Dress

I started this little dress during Project Run and Play's June Bug Dress refashion challenge last season.  I don't know what I was thinking when I thought I could participate in a sew-along before Penny was sleeping through the night. I guess all that sleep deprivation affected my judgement.

Funny, it's a very easy to follow tutorial (two big thumbs up!), but when you are sewing in fifteen to twenty minute increments here and there, it takes a while. Where did I end last time? Where do I start this time? Thanks to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge (KCWC), a loving husband, and a baby that sleeps like a pro, I finally finished it up. (I make it sound like I've been slaving away on it all week. After all those little increments it just needed hemming...but it took the KCWC to motivate me. Silly.)

It was a difficult challenge to try and remix this pattern. The design was fabulous to begin with, so I didn't really change it much. It was just too cute. I just lengthened it to a maxi, left the elastic out of the sleeves so they would flare a little, and added a collar, buttons, and a sash.

It's a little big on Teagan right now. I think the pattern Jessica posted may be more of a 3T/4T than the 2T/3T it is listed as, but hey, no big deal. I'd rather have it run large than small, and it will work just as well next fall. I'm just glad she posted a pattern in a size remotely close to Teagan's. (She shows you how to make your own pattern in any size, but it was nice to be able to bypass that step.)

Here's to more summer sewing!


I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this dress....it is seriously so cute!

(And perfectly sewn!!!!)
Love this! The little details on the front are adorable!

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